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Schedule for Clemson University Teams

2004-05 Season

Meets that have already taken place are highlighted. In most cases there will be links to results.

Date Event/Participating Teams Location
10/17/2004 Georgia Division:  Auburn  Clemson  Dalton  Emory  GCSU  Citadel  Troy State  Emory University
2/5/2005 Georgia Division:  Auburn  Citadel  Clayton  Clemson  Dalton  Emory  GCSU  Troy State  Sewanee  Emory University
4/3/2005 2005 NCTTA Coed Championships:  BU  Clemson  Columbia  Cornell  Emory  KS  NC State  Northeastern  OSU  Rutgers  TWU  UC Berkeley  UCSD  Florida  UMCP  Penn  USC  USM  Toronto  UVA  UW  Virginia Tech  Texas Wesleyan University

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