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Schedule for University of Illinois at Chicago Teams

2018-19 Season

Meets that have already taken place are highlighted. In most cases there will be links to results.

Date Event/Participating Teams Location
11/18/2018 Upper Midwest:  NIU  Northwestern  Purdue  Chicago  UIC  UND  UW - Milwaukee  University of Wisconsin Green Bay  Univ of Wisc-Madison  Vernon Hills Park District
1/27/2019 Upper Midwest:  NIU  Northwestern  UIC  UW - Milwaukee  Univ of Wisc-Madison  Vernon Hills Park District
2/23/2019 NCTTA Midwest Regional Championships:  Iastate  OSU  UIC  UIUC  Iowa  Toledo  WSU  University of Iowa
4/12/2019 2019 ISET College TT Championships:  ASU  Brown  Columbia  Duke  FSU  GWU  Iastate  Miss College  NYU  Pillar  SMC  TWU  SUNY Buffalo  UC Berkeley  UCDAVIS  UCI  UCLA  UCSD  UIC  UIUC  UMass-Amherst  Penn  USC  UT Austin  UT Dallas  UTSA  UW  Univ of Wisc-Madison  Wright State  Greensboro Coliseum

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