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Schedule for University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Teams

2008-09 Season

Meets that have already taken place are highlighted. In most cases there will be links to results.

Date Event/Participating Teams Location
11/9/2008 Midwest Sub Region (South):  Lindenwood  SLU  SIU  UIUC  WUSTL  Lindenwood University
2/8/2009 Midwest Division:  Lindenwood  Northwestern  SLU  SIU  UIUC  UW - Milwaukee  Univ of Wisc-Madison  WUSTL  Lindenwood University
4/3/2009 NCTTA Championships - Women:  CalTech  Columbia  Duke  GA State  KS  Miss College  Rutgers  Stanford  TWU  Tufts  UC Berkeley  UCLA  UIUC  Toronto  Univ of Wisc-Madison  Rochester, MN
4/3/2009 2009 NCTTA Championships - Coed:  BU  Brown  Columbia  Duke  Georgia Tech  Lindenwood  Michigan State  Miss College  Princeton  RPI  Rutgers  TWU  UPR  UC Berkeley  UCLA  UIUC  Minnesota  UT Austin  Toronto  UVA  UW  Univ of Wisc-Madison  Virginia Tech  WSU  Rochester, MN

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